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lördag 26 februari 2011

IKEA Hackers

IKEA Hackers är en sida där människor över hela världen delar med sig av tips på hur man kan förändra IKEAs prylar.
Så här startade det:
How did it start?
After all these years, I have yet to tire of telling this story. It was in May 2006 that I did a search on IKEA hacks and saw that there were so many wonderful ideas floating in the Internet. How great it would be if I could find them all in one place, I thought.

3 seconds later.

A light bulb exploded in my brain and the rest, as they say, rolled out like Swedish meatballs. It took me a few nights of sleepless html-ing but I'm happy I did. Finally, I am of service to mankind. Heh.

From its rather unglamorous beginnings, the site has grown so much that it still surprises me. IKEA Hackers has also been featured in the media. 

Det här är "Jules" som driver sidan.

HÄR är mitt bidrag med.

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  1. Vem har inte gjort "hackat" en IKEA pryl? Min föräldrar bygger just nu in en Billy i en skrubb för att få mer hyllor i deras badrum.


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